December 30, 2007


These three images were taken along the highway of Kisolon, Bukidnon when I was on my way back to Cagayan de Oro City. I dont know the name of this waterfalls but I really love it. And I love the green wild plants surrounding the falls. The scenery is so spectacular that I can't help myself but take some pictures everytime we have our stop over there. Like most of the Great Outdoors, photos don't do the real thing justice, but they do allow you to catch a glimpse of a part of Nature that you might have otherwise missed.

The first two pictures were taken last November 4, 2005 having no rain for a few weeks. The third photo was taken on July 2, 2006 during a rainy season.

December 27, 2007

Daisy For You Mother

I took this photo from my mother's garden when I went home to Bukidnon last weekend. I'm not sure if this flower was her favorite but she grows so many of them when she was still alive. She had this garden of daisies since I was still in high school and until now it is still there. Every morning during "All Souls Day" she'd remind me to pick daisies from her garden for our dead grandfather and grandmothers. But after her death last November 3, 2003, it was different. She wasn't there anymore to remind me to pick daisies. I was picking DAISY flowers at Mother's garden for HER. It was so painful, it hurt so much. I have always cried everytime I picked daisies during the first two years of her death. Now, it isn't that painful anymore but everytime I see daisy flowers it reminds me of my mother. In my heart, when I see daisies it means my mother.

December 01, 2007

Villa Arcadia

These were taken when we had our family vacation at Villa Arcadia, Calamcam, Misamis Oriental. Just a one hour and half away from Cagayan de Oro City. Im not so sure if the mountain you can see on the photo is the Camiguin Island.